Are you a passionate trader tracking futures?

Even after monitoring price trends in futures closely, are you finding it difficult to spot opportunities and your trading strategies are not performing? Do not worry - Trader’s Edge will help you stay ahead in the markets.

Trader’s Edge is an automated analytical trading engine, which is backed by extensive technical rules and is extensively back tested to stay ahead in the markets.

Our unique analytical tool generates strategies in Nifty and Bank Nifty taking into consideration the volatility and volumes and generates two types of strategies-

Swing – This is a short term positional strategy
Momentum – This is an intraday strategy

Key Benefits & Features

100% Disciplined Trading
Discipline trading with predefined stop loss(es) and profit taking.

Market Neutral
The strategy ensures capturing both sides of market movements.

No Trade Zone
The system is smart enough to understand, when not to trade.

Position sizing as per your risk appetite.

Details of Strategy


The product is for passionate traders who wants to take advantage of analytic trading.
The product is for a minimum horizon of 1 year.
The product does not need constant monitoring being a unique analytical trading tool.