Did you know that more than 80% of trades in NYSE, 60% in LSE and 40% in NSE are being executed using algorithmic trading Strategies?

Why this fancy? The answer is simple – Algos bring about a lot of discipline and predictability that humans (read emotions!) can simply not aim to replicate!

Introducing Blitz Trader

Prabhudas Lilladher has tied up with Symphony, a leader in Algo Trading to present our clients and partners with Algorithmic/Automated trading facilities using Excel as well as Amibroker. Blitz is capable of talking to any of your programmes as well as communicate instructions to most trading terminals available in India.

The AmiBroker Bridge

Amibroker is the most preferred technical algo trading software in India software that can start talking to Blitz and ODIN terminals for order execution. Amongst the key advantages are:

Position Management

This combination offers a very powerful Position Management System, with in-built intelligence to track each and every trade of yours and manage them on its own.

Virtual Paper Trading

More and more traders are practicing this nowadays to backtest the desired strategy with the help of virtual money. Run your strategy on live market, but do not trade with real money.

Guidance of AFL language

Symphony teams offer guidance on writing code as well as implementation on paper trading and live market situations

Direct Exchange/Broker Connectivity

Blitz can connect to to 63 Moons ODIN OMS/RMS as well as Omnesys trading terminals via APIs

Prepacked Algo Trading Strategies

In case you don’t want to create any of your own proprietary strategies, you can also choose from the readily available off the shelf strategies from Symphony including

  • Multi Leg Strategy
  • Options 2 Leg
  • Master Scalping
  • Trend Trader
  • MS-Excel Automation
  • Candle Breakout
  • Cash to futures
  • Calendar Spread
  • Cover Order
  • Jobex : Amibroker Charting Automation
  • Smart Executor : : Amibroker Charting Automation
  • Order Slicer and Order Slicer Plus
  • Ice Berg
  • Call Executor
  • VWAP
  • TWAP
  • Bracket Order

  • Alternatively, we can recommend simple strategies available with us OR refer you to programmers who can programme these for you. You will need your own Amibroker license and once available, our teams will hook you up with Blitz to start trading!