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Mutual Funds: How and Why to Invest in Them

Mutual Funds: How and Why to Invest in Them A mutual fund is one of the easiest ways to get started on your wealth creation journey. It is essentially money… Read more »

How do debt funds generate returns?

How do debt funds generate returns?

What to do when falling interest rates leaving you with no fixed income choices and you are stuck with traditional schemes like Fixed Deposits? You can utilize this opportunity to… Read more »

Annuity Retirement Plan

Which annuity retirement plan I should choose

After years of struggle and hard work,we finally reach a point when we bid farewell to our beloved office cubicles and professional life. Retirement sounds blissful but it has some… Read more »

Can I have a PPF account and pension plan simultaneously?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme is a popular long term investment option that is being backed by the Government of India. It provides interest rates and returns that are fully… Read more »

Pension Plan

Why does one need pension plans? Everything you need to know.

Retirement is usually when people wish to indulge in activities they have not able to do like all their life, explore and travel the world. Also, growing age inflicts infirmities… Read more »

how compound interest grows

Power of Compounding and everything you should know about it

Investments are always considered superior for wealth accumulation when compared to savings. It has a wider margin for capital gains and some avenues such as stock market can get you… Read more »

MIPs are hybrid mutual funds that invest 70-80 percent of the capital in debt instruments like debentures, government securities, etc. while the rest of the capital is invested in equity. The purpose of MIPs are to provide steady income to its investors periodically.

Monthly Income Plans – But are they safe?

Investment in stock market is both risky and profitable which makes it a double-edged sword in terms of wealth accumulation. Despite various success stories, there is no guarantee that it… Read more »