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Options Strategies: What are straddles and strangles?

The Options market is an exciting platform to trade in, the value of returns is what attracts rookie investors to dive right into it without giving it some serious thought…. Read more »

Understanding the use of a Bracket Order

A bracket order is 3 separate orders compiled in one. There is a Target Order, an Initial Order and a Stop Loss Order. All three of these orders are embedded… Read more »

Low-Risk High Returns – Is it possible?

One could say that under such volatile market conditions investors have resorted to hiding behind the cape. Whereas, active investors are looking for investments that come with low risk but… Read more »

Interest rate

Understanding interest rate futures and how to trade them

When we speak of trading in futures, most market participants are well-versed with the concepts of equity index futures or commodity futures. Few consider actively tracking interest rates and their… Read more »

greeks/ quants

Greeks/Quants and everything you should know about it!

Successful trading in the options markets requires one to understand the quantitative logic behind how a particular underlying asset is priced by the market and compare that to its intrinsic… Read more »