Compare and Choose the Best Car Insurance Policies within Seconds

Insurance is an important financial product that everyone must opt for in order to protect themselves from unforeseen financial risks. There are different types of insurance policies available that are designed specifically to cover different types of financial loss caused by accidents, illnesses, and/or death. Insurance companies offer different types of car insurance schemes that are customizable as per the clients needs. Choosing the best policy can be a bit confusing, so here is what you can do.

There are two ways to buy a car insurance policy: Either purchase car insurance policy online or in person. Both options have the same procedure but online purchases can be more beneficial.

  • In-person:  When you go to buy insurance from a company’s office or at a branch of an insurance agency, you might meet agents who stress on the fact that their company is better than the others. To an extent, people end up buying the policy from such unscrupulous agents. However, you should identify trustworthy corporate agents who will be able to guide you on every step, from buying the policy to renewals and claims processes.
  • Online: Using the online method is easier and stress-free. It also saves you more money in some cases. Here, you can visit the website of numerous companies, learn about their car insurance policies and then decide what’s best for you. Once you have identified your policy, within a few clicks, you can purchase your policy.

If you are still confused on how to buy the best insurance for your car, you can always compare policies. Comparing policies is perhaps the best way to clear your mind. Here are the simple steps to buy and compare car insurance online.

  1. Choose the provider: If you wish to buy the perfect car insurance, you have to do a lot of research. You can either visit the websites of the insurance companies or you can get the information from their nearest branch. It is recommended that you search for at least more than 5 insurance companies for a wider comparison spectrum. Once, you have the names of the companies and their benefits, you can start shortlisting them on the basis of various parameters. Various websites provide easy comparisons of policies which would make this a quicker way of obtaining information, something that is not available in person.
  2. Type of insurance: Insurance providers also offer Zero Depreciation insurance. This policy covers 90 percent or more for the incurred damage, in the first few years. Whereas a normal insurance provides a maximum cover of 80 percent for the damage incurred. If you own high-value cars manufactured by Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW and Volvo it is advisable that you opt for a Zero Depreciation policy.
  3. Most beneficial: Insurance is not only limited to premium and cover, there are various other factors that need consideration as well. These factors include sum assured, cover ratio, premium amount, claim process time and others. When comparing policies, these factors can help you filter policies

To avoid the math and spend time, you can contact our insurance team who will offer you the best rates in the industry. They also have options to customize the policy you wish to purchase with checkboxes that are to be filled with the required information, and within seconds you can get the list of best policies on your screen. For reference, you can visit PLIndia-Motor Insurance to get more details on the same or you may contact us on With cashless claim facility in more than 5000+ authorized centers around the country, you can find a motor insurance policy that has you well covered at highly competitive premiums.

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