FAQs about Health Insurance You Should Know

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Amruta is a working professional with a hectic schedule that has her working odd hours from time to time. She’s been eating out most days and not working out nearly enough. Despite her attempts to tame her work schedule, it seems that she may have to look for a contingency plan against health concerns. Naturally, she opts to purchase health insurance coverage but the decision comes with its fair share of doubts.

Q – Which hospitals included in my insurance plan’s network are in my vicinity?

A network hospital allows you to be admitted without the need for cash transactions. You can select the policy based on the hospital in your vicinity being available on your insurance company’s list.

Q – What do I do if I’m admitted to a hospital that’s not on the list?

Your insurer would reimburse the medical expenses incurred during an emergency, in the event where you cannot bear the expenses by yourself. It will be prudent to find out the reimbursement process, the documents required in this case, and the deadline for informing the insurance company, etc. for this situation.

Q – What should I do at the time of an emergency hospitalization?

Based on your medical insurance company’s cashless settlement facility, you will have to find out the person to contact before-hand. Dedicated insurance companies have prompt customer service desks or pre-assigned emergency contact agents at hand.

Q – Is my policy valid across the country?

Yes, most insurance companies provide cover anywhere in India. But it is better to cross-check the extent of your company’s geographic spread. As it may turn out, your insurer may be providing international health coverage too.

Q – Do I get coverage for pre-existing illnesses?

The answer to this question is two-fold. Based on your pre-existing illness, you may either have to wait for some amount of time before you receive coverage, or you may not get any cover at all. It is better to clarify this with your medical insurance agent.

Q – Documents I need during the claim?

Starting with the basics, you’ll need identity proof, your health card, hospital bills, and anything more that can help at the time of a claim. The TPA will ask for a pre-authorization form in case of a cashless settlement claim.

The answer to these questions sure made Amruta’s decision firm about her choice of health insurance and the policy she’d like to invest in. If these answers have helped you too but haven’t cleared doubts that you may still have, you can reach us at PL-India Health Insurance  and we shall revert at the soonest. Alternatively, do email us at insurance@plindia.com

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