How Can You Enhance Your Car Insurance Policy?

With cars being sold in large numbers, the sale of motor insurance has also risen significantly. Due to the mandate levied by the Government of India under the Motor Act, every functional vehicle has to be sold with a valid insurance and the owner should always keep the car insured.

Though the importance of insurance in India is being realized, earlier, most of the people used to purchase insurance only to stay clear on the roads and obey the law. They don’t care much about insurance or its claim related process. Such a situation was created due to stringent motor policy terms and an elaborate claim process that followed. However, the scenario has changed now significantly with new type of insurance policies being introduced in the market.

The insurance industry has changed at a rapid rate in the past few decades. This has led to the introduction of many new insurance policies with better benefits; one such benefit is insurance riders. Insurance companies have now introduced riders in the segment of motor insurance. To understand the benefit of this perk, you need to understand the concept of riders first.

Riders are add-on covers that enhance the cover spectrum of an insurance policy, making the policy even more beneficial for the policyholder. Here are the motor insurance riders that are available in the Indian market.

  1. NCB Retention: A No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a benefit offered to the policyholders who do not file claims during the entire tenure. It can also be saved over the years to avail attractive discounts on the insurance premium amount. However, there is a catch that lies here, if you claim the insurance even once, you will not be eligible for NCB. Thus, a NCB Retention rider lets you keep the No Claim Bonus while allowing you to file for claims of upto certain amount.


  1. Zero Depreciation: This is currently the most popular rider in the market and is being sold a rapid rate. A zero depreciation rider offers comprehensive cover to the policyholder’s car against damage. If the car meets with an accident during the insurance tenure, the car owner can file the claim for insurance and get car repaired without paying a single penny.



  1. Medical Expenses Cover: Whenever a car meets with an accident, the people inside the car end up suffering from major injuries and in most cases, they are hospitalized. A medical expense rider offers financial coverage for the medical treatment.


  1. Personal Accident rider: This rider is beneficial for drivers who are a bit inexperienced or are driving after a long period of time. A car insurance enhanced with Personal Accident rider provides a lump sum amount to the policyholder if the accident results in permanent or temporary disability.

Adding riders can increase the amount of premium you might have to pay for the insurance policy. Hence, it is advised that you add only those riders which are suitable according to your needs. To learn more about enhancing your car insurance policy, do feel free to drop us a message at PL-India Motor Insurance and we shall revert at the soonest. Alternatively, do email us at

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