Investactive Vs Mutual Funds

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InvestActive ( is PL’s unique Equity Research Product, meant for investors who are looking at creating well balanced portfolios to benefit from the Indian growth story and provides alerts on buy and sell decisions apart from position management advice. The product has delivered upwards of 200% return since its inception in February 2013, a sharp outperformance over Nifty.
The research recommendations in this product come from our Award Winning research teams which constantly scans the markets and industries for you, around the clock and keeps you updated on developments. InvestActive looks at advising* individuals in a balanced fashion, with a mix of trading and investing strategies. Recommended Investing strategies take advantage of returns from stocks that benefit from macro economic trends and our intense analysis of each company’s fundamentals, while trading strategies benefit from sharp short term movements.
The performance of our model recommendations are shown on an automatically updated basis at which also shows that:
1) If clients invested exactly as per Investactive, the returns from this advice would have beaten almost all Multicap Funds except 4, consistently, since inception.
2) Investactive recommendations, due to the underlying quality of stocks and the preference for financial strength and attractiveness of valuations, also demonstrated lower volatility vs Nifty ( Beta of 0.8) historically
3) Annualised market outperformance of over 22% per annum (Source: since inception!

How is following Investactive different from investing in a mutual fund?
1) Unlike a mutual fund where bias is typically of the main fund manager or CIO, Investactive expresses the independent opinions of multiple analysts – its almost like having your own army of fund managers!
2) Unlike mutual funds where expenses can be as much as 2.5% of NAV apart from brokerage, Investactive is a free service for our clients – no other charges apart from brokerage
3) No exit loads!
4) Mutual Funds are designed for the long term – hence the fund manager may stay largely invested all through sharp market moves while Investactive , in bad conditions, may recommend going to 30% cash levels when markets don’t support investing.
5) Unlike mutual funds where a substantially investment for the longer term, Investactive suggests short to mid term trades of upto 30% of your value as well.
6) However, unlike mutual funds where the capital gain/ sale date is when you actually redeem units, in Investactive, each trade you do is separately taxed as per the period held. A price to pay for much superior performance.
7) Finally, a mutual fund invests as a pool while here you may choose not to follow all our recommendations and therefore, customization is possible as well!
If you wish to know more about Investactive, do mail us at to meet one of our officers or to understand the product in detail.

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