Is It Beneficial To Add Riders On Your Car Insurance Policy?

When you buy a car for the first time, you try to do everything you can to save it from damages and breakdowns. Since it is a machine and we cannot predict the future, there are times when things might not go as planned. There are several factors like accident, theft or natural calamities, which can damage your car. The only thing you can do to avoid paying for damages caused by such incidents, is opting for car insurance.

Car insurance is a policy that offers financial cover for the expenses that your car might incur from an accident. Unlike earlier, now the policies have been modified to offer perks like better cover, online availability and faster claim procedures. In addition to these, insurance companies have introduced riders for the enhancement of car insurance policies.

What are riders?

The basic concept of riders revolves around the idea of widening the cover of an insurance policy. Riders of a car insurance policy offer coverage against car damage, loss of life, damage to the third party and ensure a bonus if no claims are filed during the tenure. To add these riders to your car insurance policy, you have to pay a specific sum that is known as the cost of rider. Here are the riders available on Motor insurance policy that can be availed by a car owner in India.

  1. Zero Depreciation: This rider is very important if you live in the urban parts of the country. Since urban areas have more chances of accidents, this rider will make sure your pocket is safe. This insurance rider covers the entire expense of the damages that your car might have suffered in the accident. However, a zero depreciation policy can be availed only if the car is new or in some cases, below 5 years old.


  1. No Claim Bonus Retention: If you drive safe and don’t file for an insurance claim during the tenure, the insurance company offers you a No Claim Bonus which enables you to avail discounts on the insurance policy at the time of renewal. In case you meet with an accident during the tenure, the NCB retention riders allow you to file for an insurance claim and at the same time, keep your NCB intact.


  1. Medical Expense cover: If you meet with an accident with passengers in the backseat, there is a fair chance that they might suffer injuries too. This rider ensures that the passengers get the necessary treatment at the best possible facility and also covers the expenses of treatment and medication.

Adding a specific rider to your car’s insurance policy might increase the premium amount, but if you look from a wider viewpoint, these riders can be beneficial in keeping you and your car safe. If you want to learn more about additional riders, do feel free to drop us a message at PL-India Motor Insurance and we shall revert at the soonest. Alternatively, do email us at


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