Key Pointers For Filing a Motor Insurance Claim?

Insurance for your car is a mandatory requirement, and quite useful in case you ever end up in an accident. The cost of damages that your car sustains is covered by your vehicle insurance policy. However, filing for a claim could prove to be tricky based on the situation you are in. Thus, it is important to keep these pointers in mind before you do.

Collect necessary information In the event of an accident involving another car, record the incident’s details, and the license plate number of the other car. This helps you decide whether you claim from your insurance or theirs. In the event where the accident involves only your car, record the damages incurred.

Determine the nature of your claim – You must determine whether you intend to claim insurance for damages dealt or damages taken. In case if the accident involves a third party, keeping your policy’s No Claim Bonus intact by claiming for damages from their policy is a better option. Raising the claim on your policy is reserved for damage done by you.

Submit the claim on time – There’s a limited window of time for you to raise your claim. If the claim is not made within that time then the insurance agency may reject it.

File a police report – Notifying the police is the first course of action after an accident involving a third party. A FIR needs to be lodged as part of the insurance claim process, and will be asked upon by the insurer in the event of a third-party insurance claim. So, inform the police and file the FIR to ensure that the claim is processed smoothly.

Obtain a No-Trace Certificate from the police – A no-trace certificate from the police will only be required in the event where your vehicle is stolen. The insurer will ask for the FIR, along with the No-Trace Certificate issued by the police authorities that states that your vehicle could not be recovered by the authorities. The claim settlement will be based on this document if your car is stolen.

Raise the claim – Once you have all the necessary documents at hand and are clear about the situation and necessities of the claim, make it. The insurer will then process and investigate your claim before clearing it.

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