In case you didn’t notice, the US markets during President Biden’s first 100 days in office, have done better than in the first 100 days of any presidency all the way back to  FD Roosevelt! With the US  economy growing at an annual pace of more than 6.4% and economists expecting a surge in spending on travel and entertainment post a successful drive on inoculations, there is a new sense of optimism And then there’s
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Our recently launched Strategy Shop has a range of wonderful strategies – for investors as well as for traders. Especially interesting for the trader community  is the TradeTron suite of strategies that allows trading clients a vast range of intraday or positional strategies. With an option to either design very simple rules for their own trades (or their friends, via My Strategies option) OR just follow others (Called Market Place). What is Tradetron Tradetron is
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Have you recently come across more and more equity research reports mentioning how a company is “cheaper” than its counterparts? And then searched for the familiar PE/PB Ratio charts but instead, got bombed with esoteric words like EV and EBIDTA multiples spattered all over the page? And then wondered where the good old comparison went? Well, PE is no more a primary valuation tool any more. And while there are many more thumbrules in place
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The 1.9 Trillion $ US Bill is finally passed by the House! And equities have reacted nerviously!  The RBI saw a bond devolution and so did the Fed  – sparking a crisis across the board. So what lies ahead? Equities react to bond yields negatively especially if the pace of increase is high – and for a wide variety of reasons including the fact that this brings the value of future cash flows down. As
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The latest report on commodities from the global giant JP Morgan says that a fresh commodities supercycle may just have begun, with years-long gains in the offing. According to the note, the last supercycle in commodities started in 1996, peaked in 2008, and bottomed in 2020 when oil prices went negative, the note explained. Both the upswing and downswing cycles in commodities lasted 12 years. Now, the next upswing in the commodity supercycle is set to

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