Support and Resistance levels are important in trading as price reactions  around these can give clear hints to the probability of the continuation of a trend or its reversal. Pivot points are derived from the previous days, weeks or months price action and often form useful support and resistance levels. Pivot points are especially popular amongst day traders for quick decision making while reversal traders use these for longer term deeper positional trades. Calculating Pivots
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Our Mutual Fund Research Product ALL THE BEST FUND MANAGERS IN SINGLE PORTFOLIO! 1) No Mutual Fund house or scheme bias- Invest in any scheme from 40+ fund houses that qualifies in our rigorous analysis! 2) Proven historical outperformance of our product’s recommended portfolio in each category versus average MF returns! 3) No  building up of random.schemes in portfolio! Only 3-4 of the best schemes in each category and performance reviewed every three months with
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InvestActive (www.plinvestactive.com) is PL’s unique Equity Research Product, meant for investors who are looking at creating well balanced portfolios to benefit from the Indian growth story and provides alerts on buy and sell decisions apart from position management advice. The product has delivered upwards of 200% return since its inception in February 2013, a sharp outperformance over Nifty. The research recommendations in this product come from our Award Winning research teams which constantly scans the
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  Traditionally, an investor could enter the capital markets , and beyond, via a range of “managed”options like a PMS and a mutual fund apart from executing specific trades or transactions as per her personal decisions. There was a major change in 2015 when, while presenting the Union budget for financial year 2016, the finance minister announced that foreign investments would be allowed in alternative investment funds (AIFs). Since then, more than 350 AIFs have
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