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Commodity Exchanges in India and the Products Traded

A commodity exchange is an exchange where various commodities, agricultural and non-agricultural, tangible or intangible, including their derivate products and other raw materials are traded. Most of the commodity markets… Read more »

Buy Liquid Funds vs Savings Account

Top 3 reasons to Buy Liquid Funds vs Savings Account

For nearly all of us, the first place we consider putting our money is the bank savings account. Having been around for decades, savings bank accounts have become synonymous with… Read more »

Most Common Mistakes done while Trading

Most Common Mistakes done while Trading

There are few pursuits that fuel human emotion as significantly as the prospect of trading and making money on the stock market. But more often than not, the reality of… Read more »

Technical concepts – RSI/ MACD

Technical Analysis and Concepts – RSI/ MACD

Technical analysis is a dynamic process by which a trader is equipped with tools to logically reason and pick the most profitable trades while weeding out poor performing ones. It… Read more »

Risks associated with agricultural commodities trading

With equity markets soaring to new highs, smart investors are beginning to look for alternative strategies to diversify their risks, should the markets correct further substantially. Prices of most agricultural… Read more »