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Is it a Sharp Trend ? Or Is it a Whipsaw? How ADX Helps!

  In our recent blogs, we have been talking about how the indices or PSUs etc may showcase a trend reversal with the slightest provocation as there were weakish signs… Read more »

Stochastic Oscillators Defined

Stochastic Oscillators Defined

The CNX Smallcap Index has been struggling for more than a year now and wealth has been destroyed substantially as the index is still almost 24% negative over a year’s… Read more »

Why Should You Opt For Promoter Funding?

Even though promoters funding loan is provision from the bank, you can use it smartly to increase your shareholding in a company. The function of promoters is not just limited… Read more »

Options Strategies: What are straddles and strangles?

The Options market is an exciting platform to trade in, the value of returns is what attracts rookie investors to dive right into it without giving it some serious thought…. Read more »