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Technical concepts – RSI/ MACD

Technical Analysis and Concepts – RSI/ MACD

Technical analysis is a dynamic process by which a trader is equipped with tools to logically reason and pick the most profitable trades while weeding out poor performing ones. It… Read more »

Risks associated with agricultural commodities trading

With equity markets soaring to new highs, smart investors are beginning to look for alternative strategies to diversify their risks, should the markets correct further substantially. Prices of most agricultural… Read more »

mutual fund ratios

Mutual fund ratios – What they mean and how to use them

Investors have a tendency to evaluate their mutual fund portfolio on the basis of the returns that it generates vis-à-vis benchmark returns. However, for the diligent investor, it is not… Read more »

Index funds

How to select index funds

With the stock market close to its record peak levels, it is natural for most of us to want to know what could be the best way to get exposure… Read more »

How does NPS work? And where does one buy it?

One of the most important aspects of financial planning to taking care of your retirement – building a sufficient corpus to meet your expenses and help you tide the ups… Read more »

Are grey market predictions accurate enough for estimating listed price?

The IPO market has been heating up since the past year. It continues to blaze with recent news reports citing over three dozen companies lining up to raise funds worth… Read more »

Alternative Investment Funds

Types of Alternative Investment Funds in India

With the stock market making new highs and the India growth story deepening its foothold, the number of wealthy individuals and family offices in the country has also been growing… Read more »