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Interest rate

Understanding interest rate futures and how to trade them

When we speak of trading in futures, most market participants are well-versed with the concepts of equity index futures or commodity futures. Few consider actively tracking interest rates and their… Read more »

greeks/ quants

Greeks/Quants and everything you should know about it!

Successful trading in the options markets requires one to understand the quantitative logic behind how a particular underlying asset is priced by the market and compare that to its intrinsic… Read more »

Everything you should know about Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs)

In order to attain your financial goals, it is important that one considers the wider macro-economic and micro-economic factors affecting investments and also widens the scope beyond traditional avenues such… Read more »


Commodity Exchanges in India and the Products Traded

A commodity exchange is an exchange where various commodities, agricultural and non-agricultural, tangible or intangible, including their derivate products and other raw materials are traded. Most of the commodity markets… Read more »

Buy Liquid Funds vs Savings Account

Top 3 reasons to Buy Liquid Funds vs Savings Account

For nearly all of us, the first place we consider putting our money is the bank savings account. Having been around for decades, savings bank accounts have become synonymous with… Read more »