Wealth for Women : Build Wealth and Financial Security

Financial security for a woman is of tremendous importance. However, most women fail to adequately plan enough to ensure a long, financially secure life as the demands of daily life take a toll!

Not so anymore!!

A Womans Mind

We all know how women save and save- and yet, not build enough for a secure future for herself very often.

What keeps women from saving wisely?

Is it the time required to discuss financial plans with someone? Or is it the lack of enough information on where to invest? Or what’s doing well? Or is it simply the lack of opportunities?

Or is it that someone else in the family decides investments because the amounts involved are large? Or does it all sound very complicated and she gives up before she even starts?

Or is it the fear of losing hard saved money?

This is not just about Indian women, by the way. A Sep 2019 study of Australian women highlighted that the top 3 issues women experience when it comes to equity investing are: Fear of losing money: Lack of trusted advice and Lack of knowledge!

India of course has its added pressures and constraints given the overarching societal and parental expectations. And therefore, this presents a challenge for women who wish to save wisely – especially given that her private time for decision making is often limited.

Introducing Wealth for Women

What if there was a product that could handle most of your above challenges – No requirement of time or personal advisory, no need to worry about what asset classes are doing well or bad, no need to invest large sums and of course, no need to plan for discussions – all of it rolled up, wrapped up and presented to you online in a small nifty package!

That’s what Prabhudas Lilladher’s Wealth for Women portfolio does!

How it works

Our research teams have shortlisted some of the reasons why women don’t invest – and created a product that seeks to remove these with its own product, Wealth for Women.

  • No Time? – Wealth for Women takes hardly 5 minutes to sign for an existing investor of Prabhudas Lilladher and about 20 minutes for a non PL investor. A team of ladies, manning the marketing and call centers, get in touch with you to assist you in case you face any issues in this.
  • No Knowledge or Time to Research?– The product invests across 5 asset classes – equities, debt, gold, international equities and cash – and still you don’t need to worry! The team monitors markets 24 x 7 using robotic systems that tell us which markets to stay in and which markets to get out from.
  • Scared about losing money? – The product has shown that it historically actually always beat even fixed deposit returns provided you stayed invested for at least 1 year and if you decide to stay invested longer, the system shows excellent returns, compounding above 25% per annum.
  • No time to meet advisors?– Not required! You can do all of the investing, tracking and exiting via your mobile or desktop! Its as easy as taking 2 minutes off a day to quickly view and decide what you want to do!
  • Don’t have large sums of money? – We know how you must be saving for your family a penny at a time! Well , our product also requires just about Rs 50,000 to start with – and then you can add small sums of money over a period of time as and when you feel like it

Where does your money get invested?

History proves that if you want to make money consistently , you can do so either of two ways

  • Be on the phone with a dozen market participants and watch TV 24 x 7 and apart from that, keep looking at prices and “get out now” conditions every 2 minutes OR
  • Invest your money for the long term constantly, in small sums, and select markets as a whole instead of individual stocks. Of course, keep reviewing the portfolio every once a whlle.

At the end of a 3 -4 year period, its likely that most people in the second category would have outperformed the above category – quietly. While noise would be heard in the first one, wealth would be created by the second one!

Our teams know this – taking a view on markets and assets (Example Sensex or Gold) is more important than taking a view on individual stocks (Example Reliance Industries or Gold Bangles at your neighbourhood store). And therefore, they don’t waste time doing things that don’t matter.

To keep costs of investment as well as risks low, our teams don’t invest in stocks or commodities directly – as that may create high fluctuations. Instead, we invest in something called Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – which are a diversified basket of indices not prone to individual risk. So if we think you should be in stocks, we don’t buy a stock – we buy the whole market for you! So individual stocks don’t affect you.

The other advantage of investing in ETFs is that since there is no special expertise involved in buying the market as a whole, the costs you incur are also very low. And you are not affected  by news on individual companies.

So what they watch instead if how international markets are thinking – take risk or avoid risk – or how interest rates are moving – higher or lower – and how stock markets are poised – high risk or low risk.. And spread your money across these to get the best returns for you.

Past Performance

If the above appeals to how you feel as a woman, you may want to view our past returns at https://wealthdesk.plindia.com/wealthbaskets/WealthForWomen. If you want more details,you may download our factsheet at https://factsheets-aprod.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/siddharthvora/WealthForWomen.pdf

How to Invest

There are two ways you can invest in Wealth for Women Portfolios

  • If you are already a client of Prabhudas Lilladher, you may visit https://wealthdesk.plindia.com/wealthbaskets/WealthForWomen and log in with your online trading user name password and sign up by paying a small fee. The system would then create the portfolio for you (Shown as Pending Actions during non market hours and during market hours, it will ask you to approve and invest straightaway!). Post your investment , you can visit this site for updates from time to time.
  • If you are not a PL client but want to open an account, simply visit https://instakyc.plindia.com/

to open your Trading cum Demat account with us post which you can start investing in the Wealth for Women Portfolios

If you are a non PL client, or dont understand how to do it yourself, simply drop us an email at WomenWealth@plindia.com and our ladies will connect with you to guide you through the process.


When it comes to things such as booking a vacation or a discount at a neighbourhood store, we understand the cost of procrastination. We don’t want to miss out on the good deals, or the right price, or the ideal stay at our holiday destination.

But when it comes to our money, we can be a little slower to act. Wealth for Women removes the reasons for you to slow down this decision making.

Its time you invested in YOU!

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