What is a better measure for equities: ROE or ROCE?

Financial ratios are the best way to compare company results. They provide an insight into the fundamentals of the company. In order to measure the equity share of a company, Return on equity is used. ROE generates information about what the company is actually generating for its shareholders. It is before the payment of dividend to the shareholders and shows how the net profit of the company measures against the total equity of the company. It provides information about the profit the company generates for its shareholders. These can be either distributed in the form of dividends or retained in the business.

Another financial ratio, Return on capital employedconsiders other stakeholders like debtors and creditors when comparing the earnings. It helps determine the amount of operating profits of the company that cover the long term capital of the company. It can also be called the payback period for the capital invested in the company. Both are key measures for value stocks, growth stocks and dividend stocks. These parameters offer insights into undervalued stocks.

The ideal way is to use the ROE and ROCE together to measurestocks. If the ROCE is higher than the ROE, it means that the company is making good use of the debt and has managed to reduce the cost of capital. But it also means that the debtors are rewarded higher than the shareholders. If the ROE and ROCE are above 20 percent, it shows that the company is performing well. Huge divergence between the two ratios is not a good idea. A high ROE is a good measure for advanced stock selection. The stock market is highly volatile and a value investing strategy should be followed in order to minimize risk and maximize returns. The parameters offer insights to the investors about the undervaluation or overvaluation of their stock. It will help an investor make the right call with regard to value investing. It speaks about the profitability of the company in terms of the investments made and how efficiently the resources have been allocated. Investors can easily decide whether they want to invest in growth vs value stocks by using these parameters.

When deciding between value investing vs growth investing, you need to measure additional parameters of the company like the price earnings ratio. The relationship between the ratios and valuation ratios is constant. A company that has a high return ratio will also have a higher valuation. When it comes to stock research, investors tend to look at the valuation and the ratios before making an investment decision.

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