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ODIN Diet is an executable trading terminal that allows clients to place their orders online using their online username and passwords.

To apply for ODIN Diet, which is a subscription based product, please follow the following steps:

How To Register

Clients can select the facility by visiting www.plclients.com and visiting Forms > Odin Diet

Please note that the facility will be made immediately you are marked as an Online client in our systems (Have signed the wireless trading facility or if not, then please visit https://www.plclients.co.in/ProductSegmentActivation.aspx).

To remove the facility for any client, simply revisit the form below, and for the customer code selected, tick the Deactivate button and click SUBMIT. This will stop the facility as well as charges to the client.


While ODIN Diet remains free for all clients who generate brokerage above Rs 1000 per month Net to PL, those who fall below this for the selected segment will be charged the difference between Rs 1000 and the actual brokerage generated via their ledger on a monthly basis. Example if brokerage generated is Rs 350 on NSE Cash segment, and the client selected this segment, the difference of Rs 650 would be charged to the client.

For any further information, do write in to us at customerconnect@plindia.com

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