Pledging of Stocks (Margin)

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Here’s a step by step explanation of the Pledging Procedure:

1. Log on to PLClient Portal and submit Pledge Request under Menu option Risk -> Requests -> Client Pledge Request which will be resubmitted to CDSL.

2. On your behalf, PL may also initiate Pledge to CDSL as per the revised terms of POA (PL initiated pledge request).

3. CDSL will send you a Mail notification on your registered email ID. Click on the link – provided in the mail you will be directed to the CDSL site.

4. You have to authenticate yourself by entering your PAN no. OR Demat A/c (BO ID) thereafter you will be presented with a list of shares setup for the pledge.

5. After accepting the pledge, you click on Generate OTP button, CDSL will send you OTP on your registered mobile number.

6. Enter OTP on the web page, your pledge will be accepted, You will get Mail confirmation from CDSL.

7. Once the margin pledge is successfully executed, your DP account will display the pledge status against the pledged stock(s).

For MTF stock purchases, we trigger an SMS to you on T day which you should accept to keep your margins in line with requirements else the stocks will be force sold on T+2

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