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Wealth Desk allows you to capitalise on the opportunities in specific themes and sectors that are best positioned to benefit from the country’s future trends and innovations. While you may consider investing yourself into stocks or via a mutual fund scheme, there is either lack of discipline or lack of availability that doesn’t ultimately allow you to execute such preferences. And a PMS is of course far beyond reach of most due to its minimum investment size.

WealthDesk changes that! Bringing Advisory to millions via Prabhudas Lilladher!

What are WealthBaskets?

As the name suggests, WealthBaskets are simply an investment basket that comprise stocks of companies or ETFs, representing your chosen theme or investment strategy. Each WealthBasket is a research-backed portfolio of stocks or ETFs built around a theme, strategy, goal, or risk-return objective. Originating from the best quantitative and qualitative research from top RIAs, PMSs, RAs, FSBs, these advised investment products have generated better than market returns for retail investors at lower cost.

For example, an OpenQ Digital India WealthBasket will give you an opportunity to invest in companies that are leveraging innovative digital technology to disrupt the status quo and benefit from the government’s focus on creating a digital India. Further, there are also several WealthBaskets that can potentially generate wealth over a period of time and help you achieve your long-term goals. From a portfolio building perspective, WealthBaskets can meet your every need. You can invest in WealthBaskets that can help you create the core of your portfolio and enable you to meet your long-term strategic goals. On the other hand, the thematic and sectoral WealthBaskets can be the satellites that can potentially generate alpha. A WealthBasket can add value to your investment portfolio in several ways:

Niche exposure: Every WealthBasket will give you exposure to a select theme or idea or long term Investment Strategy that can potentially meet your unique requirements. For example, an MNC WealthBasket can give you exposure to multinational companies that can benefit from global growth or a chemicals basket can give you exposure to chemical companies that are expected to perform well. WealthBaskets allow you to participate in focused ideas and themes which can potentially enhance portfolio returns.

Simplified and real-time transacting: These WealthBaskets are very easy to buy and redeem as they are wholly integrated with your broking account. Each WealthBasket is treated as a single unit. All you need to do is click on the desired WealthBasket and all the stocks that form a part of the WealthBasket are immediately added to your demat account, in the same proportion as the baskets. In a single click, you can buy several stocks once you follow the on screen instructions.

Transparent: One of the best things about WealthBaskets is that they are completely transparent. The stocks that form a part of the WealthBasket actually reside in your demat account. This way, you are always aware of what you are holding.

No monitoring and Ease of rebalancing: The WealthBasket is regularly monitored by the advisor and changes are made as per requirement. If the weights of the stocks in the basket or the composition of the stocks changes then you can automatically rebalance your portfolio with a single click approval. You do not need to buy and sell individual stocks one at a time in the basket. The platform takes care of it for you.

Invest through an SIP: Several WealthBaskets also offer you the option to invest via a systematic investment plan (SIP). You can invest a fixed amount of money, on a periodic basis, in a WealthBasket of your choice. This way you can also capitalise on the advantages of SIPs which include compounding and rupee-cost averaging.


A small advisory and management fee to the advisor paid once semi-annually/quarterly and can be as low as Rs 50 per annum for a 10,000 rupee investment and is retained by the Advisory firm whose products you use.. Brokerage charges are as per usual trades in your PL Account.

Faster Redemption

WealthBasket investments are more liquid compared to MFs. MF Redemption requests typically take three working days to get processed. In contrast, WealthBasket securities live in the investor’s Demat account and are redeemable immediately. Dividends come directly into your bank account.

Performance of the various wealthbaskets which can also be seen at https://wealthdesk.plindia.com/

Please do watch a simple explainer video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSJEIl-uQJA

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