GTD (Good Till Date) Orders

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GTD Orders allows an investor to place a Buy and Sell order till a specific date (15 day time frame or as per PL RMS Policies) and will stay active unless executed or timeline expires. 

How is it useful

GTD orders make your trading experience more convenient.  

  1. You do not need to log in every day to place a limit order during the trading session. 
  2. You have more flexibility in terms of placing an order with a longer horizon in mind and forget about what price it got done. 

GTD Order type is currently available on TradePlus Mobile and ODIN Dealer / ODIN Diet (Client) and will soon be available on TradePlus web.

How To Place A GTD Order ? 

  1. Search for your scrip.
  2. On the ‘Scrip Overview’ page, tap on ‘Buy’.
  3. Enter the ‘Price’ and ‘Quantity’ and the amount will be automatically updated. 
  4. Tap on the ‘GTD’ option following which you can enter the ‘Date’ by when you wish your order to be executed.
  5. Click on ‘Buy’.
  6. Verify your order details and confirm the buy order by tapping ‘Yes’. 
  7. Navigate to ‘Orders’ and visit ‘Pending’.
  8. By tapping on ‘Details’ you can re-check your order details.
  9. In order to modify your order, tap on the ‘Modify’ option and to cancel your order, use the ‘Cancel’ option. 

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