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About Alphaniti

Alphaniti, an online advisory service for PL clients, is backed by an excellent team of advisors from Finaureus and has eminent and well known personalities on the board like Mr… Read more »

About PL WealthBaskets

Wealth Desk allows you to capitalise on the opportunities in specific themes and sectors that are best positioned to benefit from the country‚Äôs future trends and innovations. While you may… Read more »

IPO Investing

IPO Investing is a breeze at PLPL. Whether you are a client wanting to invest for yourself and your family, or a non client, you can visit to invest… Read more »

Mutual Funds

To invest in mutual funds, you have two options available currently You may write in to us with details of the scheme, amount , option at after ensuring your… Read more »

Wealth for Women

What if there was a product that could handle market volatility, generate returns consistently and allow you to have all possible liquid assets in your portfolio at the same time… Read more »