Modification and Reactivation

How do I modify my name in trading & Demat A/c?

To change your name in Trading as well demat account, you need to send duly filled and signed Name change form along with proof document

Following documents, duly attested by the account-holder are to be attached with this application –

1. PAN Card in the new name
2. KRA-KYC Modification Form (or KRA-KYC Form if not registered with any KRA)
3. Bank Account Proof in the new name
4. Demat Account Proof in new name (not required if name is to be changed in only demat account)
5. Copy of any one of the following documents – Publication of name change in Official Gazette Notification – Marriage Certificate / Passport with spouse name (applicable to females only)

How do I modify data in my Trading & demat accounts?

To modify data in the data base, you need to submit duly filled and signed KRA modification form along with the supporting proof document.

You can modify your email ID, mobile number, Address, Corresponding address by submitting – KRA KYC Modification form – Individual
KRA KYC Modification form – Non Individual

You can add/ modify your bank account details and demat account details by submitting
PL Modification Form

Can I transfer funds from account not mapped to my trading a/c?

No, you need to transfer funds from the bank account which is registered with us at the time of opening of your account. You may add your multiple bank accounts with us at the time of account opening.

In case, you wish to add bank account at later date, you will need send duly filled and signed PL Modification form along with bank account proof.