Can I deliver shares from demat a/c which is not registered with PL?

No, you must transfer shares from your registered demat account only. You may register your multiple demat account at the time of activation of your account or thereafter.

In case, you may add multiple demat account at a later date by submitting duly filled and signed PL Modification form along with demat account proof.


How can I deliver shares sold by me?

Pay in for shares sold on T day will be on T+2 day. You must transfer securities sold by you in time i.e. on or before the pay in day( T+2).

  1. If you have given a limited Power of Attorney (POA) for your demat account, then you need not give Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to PLDP division. Shares to the extent of sell will be auto delivered towards your pay-in obligation.

2. In case you are delivering shares from your non POA a/c or from your demat account outside PL, then you need to submit DIS to your DP.

Do ensure that you:

Transfer shares from you own Demat account which is registered in our data base. Shares transfer from 3rd party demat account will not be accepted and will be treated as short delivery.

Transfer shares in time before pay-in, failing which will be treated as short delivery.

All such short delivery will get auctioned as per BSE / NSE regulations.

On pay-in day after 9 AM, Do check pay-in shortage report (Operations > Reports > PayIn Shortages) to confirm that delivery of shares, sold by you, have been effected. In case of any shortfall, you may immediately arrange for delivery of shares before 10 AM to avoid short delivery and auction of shares.

Alternatively, you may your local officer or call us at 022-66322366 or mail us at for details.

When can i get delivery of shares purchased by me?

Pay out for shares purchased on T day will be on T+2 day. Shares are transferred to your  Demat account by T+2 EOD provided your ledger account has a credit balance as on the date of pay out. In case of debit balance, shares will be withheld in PL Beneficiary account and will be transferred to your demat account  only on  clear balance in your ledger.  (Corporate Action, if any, will be transferred to your ledger account on receipt).

Delivery of shares sold by you, which is effected out of withheld shares from PL Beneficiary A/c, will attract demat charges which will be debited to client ledger account by passing JV.

In case of a short delivery from the Exchange on pay out day, shares will be transferred to your account on the auction payout day.

If shares are not received in auction payout, a close out entry will be passed in your ledger account @ close out rate given by BSE.

In case of a short delivery from NSE, shares will be received in auction payout or if the shares are not received through auction, PL will close out the short deliveries based on NSE formula applicable from time to time. Close out credit will be credited to your ledger account.