Trading and Margins

What is Bracket Order?

Bracket order is an intraday product having an order placement feature wherein you
place three orders simultaneously – 1st order will be a market or Limit order,
with the second order you limit your loss on every position by necessarily placing a
cover order specifying the Trigger Price (TP) and Stop Loss Price and third leg to be
the Profit Price Order.

In addition to above, trailing stop loss price there is an facility where client can
specify trailing stop loss Price and LTP jump price i.e. in case the client has set Rs.2
in LTP Jump price & Rs.3 as stop loss jump price then with every Rs.2 change in the
LTP the stop loss price & trigger price will move by Rs.3 automatically by system.
However in case of executed trade if once the trailing stop loss has jumped & if the
price falls then the trailing loss will not get reduced. The new stop loss price will not
get adjusted by the reduced difference.

With the Bracket order, the maximum downside involved in a particular position, is
limited and Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Limited (PLPL) would block margin
considerably lower compared to the normal order.

Do I have separate UCC for normal trading and MTF?

No. Only one UCC bearing your client code will be used for placing orders at Stock Exchanges. However, PL shall earmark a separate ledger for MTF which is opened as Client Code + M suffix. For example if your normal client code is xxxx, your Margin Trading code  will be xxxxM.


Can I do margin trading at Derivative segment?

No. MTF is a facility extended by Corporate Stock Broker only for the Equity Segment.

What are the margin requirements in MTF?

All positions under MTF (existing/potential) shall attract upfront Initial Margin (IM) prescribed by PL from time to time.

What is the rate of interest for MTF?

Rate of interest is the same as applicable to your normal trading account.

Who can avail Margin Trading Facility?

Margin Trading Facility (MTF) is extended to existing clients who are active for trading at BSE or NSE. However NRI clients shall not be eligible for MTF.

Can I do SIP in Stocks via PL?

Yes. Registered PL Clients with a trading account with PL can do an equity SIP (This service is called SIS – Systematic Investing in Stocks)

Using SIS helps you place buy orders for a pre-specified amount or for a pre-specified quantity in scrips/ETFs of your choice at regular intervals over a period of time as selected by you.

You may visit for more information or contact our officers. Alternatively, please do write in to us at for information.

I want very high exposure in derivatives for intraday. What product do I choose?

PL provides two products for aggressive traders: 1)  Hi Leverage product for aggressive intraday traders and 2) Bracket Orders.

These products require the signing of  an additional document called the AutoSquareup letter however and the product is activated within 24 hours of this being received.  Our Relationship Managers can help you with this or you may email us at for details

Highlights- Hi Leverage

For Index Derivatives, this product offers upto 4x Span + Exposure multiplier while for Index Stocks, it offers 2x.

For Cash Segment, this product offers upto 10x Intraday for Nifty stocks and  between 4-6x for non Nifty stocks.

Highlights – Bracket Order 

For Bracket Orders, please click here for FAQs





How do I place order to buy / sell of shares?

  1. You can activate your account for online / Mobile trading and start trading from your device.

To activate your a/c for online / mobile trading, click to download the app. Click to view the demo.

2) You may call our local representative, through whom you have opened your account with us, from your registered mobile number and place the order.

3) You may call our Head Office Trade Desk at 022-66322334/2462 to place your orders

How do I get confirmation of trades executed in my account?

You will get SMS (on your registered mobile number) on real time basis on execution of trade in your account.

Additionally, SMS will be sent on the day of trade along with the details of trades executed in your account and Bill Summary.

We also send E-Contract Note (ECN) at your registered email ID on the same day of trade executed in your account.

You can also view/download / print your contract notes from our website (Financial > Contract Note > Client Contract).

What are the brokerage rates charged on trades executed by me?

Brokerage rates will be as per the rates mentioned in the tariff sheet which is signed by you at the time of activation of your account or anytime there after.

Minimum brokerage @ Rs.25/ per contract is charged.