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India Millennial Portfolio offers
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  • 1 Positive Returns Across Cycles
  • 2 Multiple Asset Classes in One Portfolio
  • 3 Zero Stock & Sector Selection risk
  • 4 Tech Driven, Rules Based, Unbiased & Emotionless Investment Decisions
  • 5 Smooth, Hassle-free investment

The Investment Indicators

This portfolio is based on proprietary meters,
which will guide your investments across market cycles.

Which phase of the Economic Cycle are we in?

Which phase of the Equity Market Valuation Cycle are we in?

Do the Fixed-Income Assets look attractive given the Interest Rates and Money Supply?

What is the Risk Appetite of Market Participants globally?

Are Equity Market sentiments Bullish or Bearish (Greed & Fear)?

Which Asset Classes are trending?

What is the Risk-Reward for the Technical Reversals and Breakouts?

How is Gold poised given its Global Trading Positions and Momentum?

How attractive are Midcaps vs Largecaps?

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The neo-age fintech revolution has encouraged more young investors to try out financial investment. India Millennial Portfolio is a tech-driven, asset allocation portfolio.
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Based on Proprietary Quantamental Meters, the investment strategy focuses on Dynamic Asset Allocation to consistently provide returns across market cycles with minimum risk.

With a focus on Quantitative research and investments, PL Quantifi offers investment portfolios based on Data, Rules and Technology. This reduces behavioural and emotional human biases, thereby providing consistent and sustainable returns to investors.

PL Quantifi Team has created this product. It is is a specialized Team with a combined experience of 30+ years, created by Prabhudas Lilladher to focus on Quantitative research and investments.

There is no lock-in period. However, we don't suggest this portfolio if you have an investment horizon less than 1 year.

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