Traditionally, based on the knowledge of a person’s assets, a will is drafted by a legal professional acquainted with the procedure. This can be time-consuming, expensive, and tedious, with no guarantee of confidentiality being maintained.

In association with leading will service provider WillJini, we offer InstaWill, an easy and confidential way to draft a will online. Download, print and sign it in the presence of two witnesses. NRIs will find this facility particularly useful.

Developed by lawyers, will experts and technology experts, a will generated by WillJini is a legal document in accordance with Indian law and valid all over the country.

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What is a will?

A will is a legal document that expresses a person’s instructions for the distribution of their assets after their demise and identifies the person assigned the responsibility of managing the assets until distribution.

Why Will? ( Reasons To Make a Will )

  • • A will ensures that all assets are distributed and disposed of as per the wishes of the person drawing up the will. In the absence of a will, the assets are distributed to all legal heirs in the proportion applicable as per succession laws, regardless of the wishes of the deceased person.

  • Even a solitary asset such as a demat account or an insurance policy requires a will. The absence of one can lead to misunderstandings, family disputes and lengthy legal battles.

  • Humans are mortal. A will made during a medical illness could be deemed invalid. A will can be revised any number of times; the last-drawn up will alone is treated as valid.

  • A will facilitates the smooth transfer of assets to the beneficiaries. Being a legal document, a valid will is legally accepted.

How to make a WILL ?

Traditionally, an Indian individual got in touch with a legal professionals having knowledge of Will / Succession to meet and understand the process of making a Will. Based on details of assets , the legal professional drafts a Will gives for signing. Such process many a time is time consuming, many a time costly or full of hassle or not-so-confidential.
Prabhudas Lilladher in association with is pleased to introduce an easy way to write/draft a Will using digital platform. Get draft done online, take print and sign in presence of Two witnesses. Your Will can be done in just 30 minutes. Make your Will, at a place and time of your choice, anywhere in the world – best for NRIs too.

Simple process to draft will online yourself

  • Read the FAQs and other information. Note down the coupon code to avail of a 10 per cent discount on the price and to enable us to track your payment to WillJini.

  • Click the Make My Will link, which takes you to

  • Register here and you will get log-in details, & . Login using these details, select Standard Will, select STANDARD WILL, and enter the COUPON CODE which enables you to get a 10% discount. Pay online

  • Register here and obtain log-in details. Log in using these details, select Standard Will, and enter the coupon code. Pay online.

  • Answer simple questions about yourself, details of your assets and how you wish that these be disposed of. This has to be done within 60 days of payment.

  • Once all details have been entered, read your will draft under Preview. If okay, click on Generate Will. Your will document in Word format will be delivered to your registered email address.
  • Read, print and sign the document in the presence of two witnesses.

  • Your will is ready. Store it safely.