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Investactive Mutual Fund


With InvestActive Mutual Funds Allocation Portfolios, you can conveniently invest in a bouquet of Mutual Funds as per your risk appetite.

Objective: To deliver superior risk adjusted returns to clients by creating a portfolio of Mutual Funds based on the clients’ risk profile.

Features & Benefits:

  • Concentrated portfolio of 3 MF schemes in each category shortlisted based on comprehensive research process
  • Rebalancing and review every 3 months
  • Quarterly performance report and newsletter
  • All transactions executed digitally and units in demat form – no need for physical application forms
  • 100% invested at all times – no timing of markets
  • Client has option to ask advisor to switch risk profile based on outlook*
  • Holding period advised of 2 years & above
  • Minimum investment Rs. 2 lakhs and in multiples of Rs.1 lakh

* Exit loads as applicable for switches / redemptions in mutual fund scheme.

Get in touch with us by email on investactivemf@plindia.com or call 022 6632 2366 / 1860 210 2222.

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