Get your accounts periodically. Make it a habit regularly.

I  Insist on regular settlement of your account.
I  Don't keep idle funds & securities lying with your broker.
I  Deposits kept idle without any trading activity for more than one year, will be treated as "Loan" and no Investor Protection measure will be available against it.
I  Examine & review your trading account periodically.
I  You can choose for a monthly or a quarterly settlement of your accounts.

I  Ensure that you fill the KYC form with correct details and strike off the blank fields.
I  Register your mobile number and email id with the stock broker, to receive trade confirmation alerts directly from NSE.
I  Ensure that contract notes are received from the broker whenever you trade.
I  Don't share your internet trading account's password with anyone.
I  Get a clear idea about brokerage and other charges levied by the broker.

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