About Multi Asset Dynamic Portfolio

Multi Asset Dynamic Portfolio is a quant driven, trigger based tactical asset allocation strategy, which takes passive exposure to asset classes via Index Funds or ETFs to eliminate stock and sector selection risk, while focusing solely on asset allocation in order to drive superior absolute risk adjusted returns across economic and market cycles.
The strategy invests in Domestic & International Equities for growth, Gold & Liquid for Safety, and Corporate Bonds, GILT Securities and alternates for stability. The asset allocation is done by our Proprietary Quant models like Macrometer, Cyclometer, Monetary Meter, Global RORO, Sentimeter, Relative Value Meter, Momentum Meter, Technometer, Volatility meter, Inflation meter and Multi Factor Momentum.
Multi Asset
Strategic Asset Allocation or Long only equity
Trigger Based Rebalance
Periodic or judgment based rebalance
Passive Investing through Index Funds or ETFs
Active Stock or Sector Selection
Decision Making
100% quant based
Prone to human, emotional & behavioural bias
Research Framework
Fundamental + Alternative + Technical processed using quantitative methods = Quantamental
Technical or Fundamental only
Balanced focus on risk management and return enhancement
Focus either on Risk mitigation or Return enhancement
Asset Type
Domestic + International Equity + Fixed Income + Gold
Exposure only to domestic stocks in long only equity funds
Performs across market cycles
Moves in-line with broader equity markets
Downside Protection + Upside Participation
Drawdowns in line with equity markets
Protects capital in bad years
Erodes capital during equity market crashes
Features of MADP
Asset Allocation
Matters the Most
Asset Allocation drives 91.5% of returns, while security selection and market timing contribute only 7% With our Multi Asset Approach, combine the power of equity and debt. Grow your wealth in equity and protect it with fixed income instruments.
Buy the Market,
Not the Stocks
We invest tactically across index funds and ETFs that represent the broader market instead of a basket of stocks, eliminating stock as well as sector concentration and selection risk
Performing across
Market Cycles
Being a dynamic multi asset strategy, it identifies opportunities across asset classes under different market and economic cycles and allocates accordingly
The strategy follows Quantamental investment framework based on Fundamental + Alternative + Quantitative + Technicals (FAQT) techniques to decide tactical rotation across asset classes.
Advantages of a Quantitative Approach

Quant is flexible and can run for any investment style depending upon the market conditions. A fund manager might have a particular style of managing money that may not work across all market cycles. A specific style of investing might perform in one cycle but it might underperform if the market or economic backdrop changes.

Quant is reliable because it is not based on any art of stock-picking but on a rule-driven model which can also be rigorously researched, tested and continuously improved.

The systematic approach that quant investing follows, helps eliminate behavioral and emotional biases as it does not base (sub-optimal) decisions on greed or fear, resulting in better long-term returns.

Reasons for under or over performance are clearly attributable, enabling us to continuously improve and evolve your investment model in a dynamic world. This also makes Quant transparent unlike a judgement and intuition based decision making process.

Superior risk management given a consistent model regardless of changing market conditions. The investment exits are based on a set of rules and disciplined, thereby reducing downside risk and improving returns.

Wider coverage of data with fast processing, enabled by computers leading to faster, objective and accurate investment decisions.

Where we Invest?

Diversified multiasset investing through Index ETFs only to eliminate all stock and sector selection risk

Domestic Equity
  • Large caps
  • Midcaps
  • Small caps
  • Sector Funds
  • Style & Factor Funds
  • U.S. Equity Funds & ETF’s
  • Emerging & Developed Market
  • Equities Funds & ETF’s
  • Other International Funds & ETF’s
Precious Metals
  • Gold
  • Silver
Fixed Income
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Gilt Funds
  • Liquid Funds
  • REIT’S
Our Strategy

Multi-Asset Dynamic Portfolio is our flagship quantitative investment strategy built after three years of extensive research and rigorous testing. MADP is a tactical asset allocation strategy built using our proprietary meter based models.


The Macro factor captures domestic & global economic growth cycles and inflation regimes to arrive at asset allocation decisions


Value factor tracks the absolute and relative fundamental valuations & relative technical valuations across asset classes to gauge risk reward


The Trend factor captures absolute & relative momentum along with technical risk reward, across all asset classes and style factors


This captures the sentiment in equity markets, global risk appetite, relative value amongst asset classes, quantitative risk reward, volatility regimes, tactical entry-exit opportunities for risk management, profit booking and capturing short term alpha. The risk factor helps to arrive at changes in asset allocation decisions by identifying inflection points in asset class cycles.


This factor tries to capture interest rate cycles, money supply, fund flows and global monetary regimes that have implications on global liquidity, to quantify the regimes into contractionary and expansionary in order to support asset allocation decisions

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