Super MF is value-added investment platform. Created by Prabhudas Lilladher Private Limited. one of the India’s well-known broking brand, the platform caters to retail Indian investors. Customers can get access to a wide array of investment products like mutual funds from all Asset Management Companies (AMCs), The platform is renowned for its unique value-added services like Rich User Experience, Goal Creation, Goal Tracking, Readymade Curated Portfolios, Screeners & Comparison and award-winning in house research & more that help customers get more out of their investments.
Prabhudas Lilladher is one of India's leading research based financial services organization. Mission To be India's leading and most preferred financial services organization built on ethical practices and integrity. With a team of dedicated experts and a nationwide distribution network of branches, franchisees and associates, PL provides a comprehensive gamut of financial services in the Institutional and Retail domain. Our range of services includes Equity & Derivative Broking, Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory, Portfolio Management Service, Online Trading, Loan Against Shares, Mutual Funds, IPO's, Home Loan, Insurance & Global Investing Solution.
Opening a new account with Super MF is quick, simple and free. You would just have to do the following:
  • - Register online on the Super MF website by providing your name, Email & Mobile details.
  • - If you are not KRA registered and if you have a PAN & Aadhar number (Subject to link with your MOBILE number), you get to enjoy the paperless investing services from us by verifying your PAN & Aadhar and completing your KYC online within minutes.
  • - Post PAN based eKYC verification, you could start investing with any of the listed fund houses on our website.
  • - Only MF account get activated through Super MF portal however for trading account user need to register through PLClients
There are two options available in Super MF for activate MF Account.
  • 1. MF+Demat
  • 2. MF
User can activate any of above account as per his choice and invest in MF through Super MF portal.
Yes, its free for 1st 6 months for all new accounts opened thru Super MF portal.
At present multiple holder cannot be added in Super MF account. All Investment can be done through single holder.
Existing client can login by using PLCLIENTS account credential. If client already activated BSEMF Segment then system will allow client for new MF investment.
If existing client not activated BSE Segment then system will ask for one-time consent for BSE Segment activation and once segment activation done client can start new MF investments.
Client can change password through PLClients account and same will be used for Super MF.
For lump sum investments, click on Mutual Funds > Purchase. Thereafter, you can select the schemes you prefer and execute your trade.
Super MF has been integrated with trading account. Trading ledger balance will be used for new investments. In case of insufficient funds, client can transfer fund at any point of time by using Net banking & UPI Facility.
For fund transfer Click on arrow showing under logged in details>> Fund Transfer.
Once client logged into Super MF it showing client portfolio details. Also client can view MF Holding details through click on Self Investing>Portfolio.
For starting a SIP, client needs to create NACH Mandate (X-SIP) or E- NACH Mandate
NACH Mandate (X-SIP):-
  • a. Download the same
  • b. Take a print and put his/her signature as per bank records (as shown below in the picture)
  • c. Upload the same in PDF/JPEG/TIFF format as per BSE Requirement for approval.

  • After approval and registration done with bank user can start SIP by Click Self Investing > Purchase > Order Type SIP. SIP Funds will get deducted directly from bank which provided on NACH Application

    E- NACH Mandate:- You can set up an e-Mandate in two simple steps:
  • 1. Register an e-Mandate on Super MF portal using your net banking or debit card credentials
  • 2. Schedule transactions to automatically transfer funds e-Mandate registration usually takes up to 5 working days, in contrast to physical
  • mandates which take about a month. You can register an e-Mandate with the bank account linked with your Super MF account if the bank supports NACH e-Mandates.

    Setting-up an e-Mandate To set up an e-Mandate, Login to super MF portal. Click on Profile → Click on Mandate. On the mandates page, click on the ‘Add mandate’ button. Select the bank account from which you want the funds to be debited. Select Mandate Type ‘NACH E-MANDATE’ Select Start date and end click on ‘Save’. You will receive EMandate Authentication link on your registered email Id. Click on Online E-Mandate Registration Authentication after successful authentication you will then be directed to the mandate approval gateway. You can choose to authorize the transaction using net banking or debit card (if your bank allows it). After approval and registration done with bank user can start SIP by Click Self Investing > Purchase > Order Type SIP. SIP Funds will get deducted directly from bank which provided on E-NACH Application
No. Once SIP Selection done you cannot change SIP date/Amount. You can add more amount by adding more SIP in same scheme.
For cancelling SIP, please send us an email to from your registered email id mentioning the scheme, SIP date and amount.
Investment which is done through Super MF Platform in Demat or Physical mode can be available for redemption.
Investment not done through Super MF, but done thru PL earlier in demat mode can be redeemed from the Super MF platform.
Investment not done through Super MF but done thru PL earlier in physical mode cannot be redeemed from the Super MF platform. For such redemptions, please send us an email to from your registered email id. Please mention your scheme and folio no.
No. if client already having demat account then cannot apply for physical units through Super MF.
Client can do investment in existing folio by selecting desired folio number in case of having multiple folios in same scheme.
Client can view All Mutual Fund Order on Portfolio Page whether order Approved or Rejected from Exchange.
Client has a choice to select a PL model portfolio and invest. PL Created Ready to Invest Model portfolios by applying best research in industry.
A Uniquely designed investment strategy backed by PL models are carefully planned based on clients risk profile and duly monitored for customer. Client can enjoy value added services by invest in Investactive MF.
  • - Planned Model based investment
  • - Portfolio monitoring
  • - Automatic Portfolio rebalancing
Scheme comparison can be done through EXPLORE Option available on menu. User can compare multiple schemes by selecting AMC, Scheme category, Scheme type, Scheme Nature & schemes.
User can compare scheme on the basis of periodic returns like 1 Month, 3 Month, 1 Year, 3Year & 5 Year.
User can view scheme information in details by accessing EXPLORE menu >>Scheme Screeners. Hyperlink available on scheme name for view detail information like Funds overview, Returns, Funds Holding, AMC Details etc.
User can also view Funds Bio-data, Top 5 Holding and Sector of Allocation.
No. Since the money invested goes to the mutual fund is free of cost, There is no 80C benefits will be applicable. However, if the investor selects an ELSS scheme for his investments, tax benefits, as applicable for ELSS funds, will continue to apply.
Tax saver (ELSS) Scheme can be view by clicking on Explorer Menu and option Tax Saving.
Top Fund options providing details of the schemes which provided Highest return in Last 1 Year. You can also view % of Retruns for last 3Yr, 5Yr and Since Inception.
Click on “Guided Investing” in the menu options then click on “PL MF Research”. On the screen you will now find various options that you can explore regarding mutual funds. Click on PDF icon for detail research report of MF.
Click on “Self Investing” in the menu options then click on “New Fund Offer”. On the screen you will now find all ongoing NFO scheme details with button PURCHASE. Click on Purchase button and invest in NFO.
Yes, if client user Trading Limit for Mutual Fund Investment then system will pass Debit Entry into Client Trading Ledger with Contract Note. Also if client sell Mutual fund schemes then system will pass Credit Entry into Trading Ledger.