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Trend Trader

There are many advantages of trading in the commodity markets. If you are not trading in the commodities markets, you are missing out on excellent opportunities to make money and not to mention the following benefits –

  • Higher leverage is available in commodities markets
  • Low correlation to Equity markets

Most investors shy away from commodity markets because they think they are difficult to understand but this belief is erroneous. In fact commodities markets run on the simple principle of demand and supply and hence easier to follow.

Introducing TREND TRADER!

With our unique product Trend Trader you too can participate in the Commodities markets and make money out of it!

Trend Trader is an Intra-day / Positional trading product for instruments listed on the MCX. It focuses on non-agricultural internationally traded and liquid commodities (gold, crude, natural gas, silver, lead, zinc, copper & nickel). Our in-house system generates calls based on the markets and we pass on these calls to you via SMS and chat.

Trend Trader has given a return of 7.01% since inception (17 Oct 2016) and shown remarkable accuracy in calls. Assuming you had invested in 1 lot of each call and had a margin of Rs.3 Lakh to start with.

Long / Short Calls (Oct 2016 to Jun 2017)

Long Calls Short Calls
Direction 120 86
Hit Rate 73 58
Success % 61% 67%

By type of commodity (Oct 2016 to Jun 2017)

Bullion Base Metals Energy
Number of Calls 57 108 48
Target Met 41 67 23
Stops Hit 16 41 25
Success % 72% 62% 48%

Please click here to view the Trend Trader presentation with detailed performance.

In order to subscribe to Trend Trader please contact Vikas Vaid (022 6632 2474, or