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Futures & Options Trading

Derivatives in Indian futures and options trading financial markets have come a long way from being constantly avoided to becoming an essential part of one's portfolio. They offer a host of money making opportunities that help in minimizing risk in futures and options trading.

Advantages of futures and options trading

  • Excellent tools to hedge risk
  • Minimize exposure to riskier assets
  • Emanation of Arbitrage opportunities
  • Effective discovery of price of an asset
  • Multiple pay off scenarios can be created
  • Advantage can be taken of even a non-directional market
  • Futures can be short sold for more than one trading session
  • Improve market efficiency
  • Lower transaction costs as compared to equity

PL Derivatives Research –

F & O Trading

  • Process driven, clear cut with incisive coverage of stocks in the derivative segment
  • Excellent strike rate of calls
  • Futures and options trading strategies both for Individual stocks and Index options based on underlying Derivative Indicators
  • Seamless integration between fundamentals and derivatives to eke out special situation Arbitrage strategies. E.g.: Buybacks, rights issue, special dividends, etc
  • 6 daily reports that cover the length and breadth of daily futures and options happenings
  • Research backed by strong technical experts and

    futures trading brokers

  • Real time, intra-day trading calls
  • Initiation of same sector, low beta pair trading

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