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Institutional Broking

PL is ranked alongside the top

institutional brokers

in India. The Group has been the pioneer of research based institutional broking in the country, covering secondary market Institutional broking and marketing of equity trading offerings including IPOs to domestic and foreign institutional investors. It carries out business with top insurance companies (Public & Private) and treasuries of major banks in the country. The clientele includes more than 150 leading domestic and foreign institutional investors. Offer our Services to International investors including Long Only/Hedge Funds from Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and Middle East. We Offers Fundamental Research, Technical and Derivatives research and equity trading etc.

Institutional Broking Services & Strengths

  • Idea generation is at the core and the differentiating strength.
  • Research spans 140+ stocks, covering large & mid caps across major sectors through a team of 20+ analysts.
  • Dedicated sales team for the Asia Pacific, US & UK.
  • Major conferences & road shows for listed corporates across the Asia Pacific, US and UK.
  • Organizing major Policy/Political/Economist & Listed corporate Roadshow/Conferences across India, Singapore, Hongkong and UK.
  • Strong relationships with top management of more than 200 corporate houses.

Initiatives and Growth Plans

PL pioneered the organization of road shows and conferences. To facilitate growth, PL plans to increase its presence on the global front and double its market share in the next 2 years. It also aims to capitalize on evolving trading technologies like DMA (Direct Market Access).


  • CEO Round Table Conferences
  • Corporate Investor Interaction Initiative
  • Sector Insight Series
  • Idea Presentations
  • Sector & Theme Conferences
  • Interaction with policy makers
  • Road shows
  • Conference Calls


  • PL is the pioneer in conceiving and arranging one-on-one interactive sessions between India’s leading thought leaders & opinion makers in various domains and Investment teams of Institutional Clients. We feel privileged in helping clients gain insights from among others Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Power), Mr. S. S. Tarapore (Macro-economy), Mr. Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar (Political Economy), Mr. Swapan Dasgupta & Mr. Vinod Mehta (Politics), Mr. Brahma Chellaney (Geo-strategic affairs and Security), Mr. Dorab Sopariwala (Psephology), Dr. Sandeep Shastri (Election Studies) Mr. A. V. Rajwade (Foreign Exchange), Mr. Pratip Chaudhuri (Banking), Mr. Sunil Alagh (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Dr. Pramod Deo (Power), Mr. Arun Kumar Khurana (Power), etc.
  • Mid-cap Conference
  • Agri-inputs Conference
  • Cement& Metal Conference
  • I.C.E Conference (Industrials, Capital Goods and Engineering)
  • Banking & Financial Services Conference

Research Desk

Based on experience and knowledge about the markets, PL understands the importance of identifying opportunities well before the competition. PL's faith and commitment to research is evident from its uncompromising research team, facilitated with state of the art infrastructure. For more details on our research capabilities, click here

Sales & Trading Team

The Sales team is comprised of top equity professionals that translate research findings into actionable advice for clients based on specific needs, seamlessly executing complex trades across the entire spectrum of trading strategies.

Derivative Desk

The Derivatives team includes professionals that publish daily/monthly research reports on trends in the equity derivatives markets. Derivatives Plus is our daily report which offers an everyday outlook on the markets.

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