portfolio management service in India

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services aims to offer assistance in delivering long term growth to investors. We offer solutions-based portfolio management services on complete need analysis that are uniquely designed to meet growth needs in a holistic manner. With PL


you get the benefit of professional money management.

Approach For Portfolio Management Services

  • Bottom-up approach, focusing on micro research & evaluating it in prevailing global & domestic macro environment
  • Identifying the best companies to invest irrespective of the sector
  • Having reasonably diversified portfolios without being over-diversified


Multi Strategy : This strategy endeavours to generate steady returns in varying market conditions by adopting multiple strategies. Our aim is to outperform the broader market in the long run. The portfolio provides capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity instruments. With major allocation to large caps within a broad Multi Cap allocation strategy, it is an ideal long-term investment option for investors who want to built a portfolio comprising of market leaders with strong balance sheets, superior earnings growth and steady free cash flow generation.

EquiGrow Strategy : This strategy aims at investing and holding largely high growth stocks without any sector bias in securities across large, mid & small cap categories with an aim to generate superior returns over the long term. With Mid Cap allocation slightly higher as compared to large Caps, this strategy is positioned slightly higher on the risk-return spectrum vis-à-vis Multi Strategy.

Fortune Strategy : Fortune Strategy: Is the latest offering from PL PMS & the emphasis on long term opportunities for wealth creation. Capital allocation across various businesses in this strategy ranges across sectors but largely hovers around consumption & strong brand franchises. This strategy is looking to buy businesses either in their early growth phase or those on the cusp of a strong turnaround due to favourable business environment. This strategy also considers strong businesses facing temporary headwinds (Good business in a bad year) as an investment theme. Managements that adhere to high standards of corporate governance, businesses with strong growth opportunities and clean Balance sheets are some of the other traits we look at before picking a stock. The entire focus in this scheme is to leverage our years of understanding of various small and midcap companies & also leverage our strong bench of research analysts who maintain regular interaction with managements across sectors. This helps in better filtering process and enhances the chances of entering a stock in its early stage of growth.

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