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Personalized services that make investing a world-class experience

Private Client Group

Transforming investing into a world-class experience; Private Client Group aims at understanding your unique needs and powering your financial growth with personalised attention. With our portfolio management service, we offer you dedicated derivatives experts' desk, research & knowledge support for investing in equities, exchange traded funds, option trades and more.


Our value-added services are geared to build confidence. Conference calls with technical & research analysts, and cutting-edge research reports build knowledge and understanding. Our Research backed notes on stocks and picking stocks for weekly recommendation are based on fundamentals, technicals, derivatives and market inputs.

Advantages & Strengths

  • Advisory Service for Equity, Derivative, Commodities and Currency
  • Technical and Fundamental Research
  • Margin Funding (BSE only)
  • Demat Services
  • Automated backend solution
  • Special SMS service for constant updates on relevant stock information.

Research Desk

Research forms the cornerstone for all recommendations we make. Our team employs rigorous methods to offer Technical & Institutional Research.

Institutional Research
  • 25+ professionals dedicated to macro-economic studies, industry & company specific equity research
  • Tracking more than 150 top rated companies across 20 sectors including automobile, banking, capital goods, financial services, oil & gas, and IT
  • Sales and trading teams comprising of top equity professionals to offer need based advice for executing complex trades
Technical Research
  • Strong Technical Research Team constantly focuses on tracking F&O segment with 255 stocks in Equity and Indices including Sensex, Nifty and Bankex - the main focus for all traders and investors
  • Offers recommendations in stocks for either buying or selling for a particular duration of time depending upon the risk-reward ratio and time limit
  • Various types of calls are offered including OTC (overnight trading call), Momentum call, WTC (weekly trading call), MTC (monthly trading call) and BTST (buy today-sell tomorrow).
  • A Technical Report that covers Technical views, Stock picks and other Market information for sub-brokers and clients on a daily basis
  • Trend reports cover price rates, trends, reversals and other technical levels for the 255 F&O Segment stocks in equity on a daily basis
  • Recommendations to sub-brokers, clients and other market participants through dedicated Live PL Chat, Ticker Messenger, ODIN Terminal Flash and SMS service

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