Demat Account

How do I convert physical share certificates into DEMAT form?

You can De-materialize shares of the companies which are active and are trading in the secondary market. You can search the scrip name in NSE or BSE website to check the same.

To dematerialize your physical share certificates you’ll have to submit:-

  1. DEMATERIALISATION REQUEST FORM (DRF) for each scrip/company ( In case you have more than 4 certificates then you will have to submit an extra DRF).
  2. DRF should be signed at both the fields i.e. ‘Signature with DP’and ‘Signature with RTA’

  3. The original share certificates and a self attested copy of your PAN should be submitted along with the DRF. 

Note –

  1. The DRF has to be signed by all the holders
  2. The name on the share certificate should match with the name on the DEMAT account. 
  3. It takes approx. 25 to 30 days  to complete the dematerialisation process.
  4. Please refer our DP tariff sheet for Dematerialisation charges


How do I transfer shares from another DEMAT a/c to my PL DEMAT A/c?

To transfer shares from another DEMAT account to PL DEMAT account, you need to submit duly filled and signed Delivery Instruction slip (DIS) to another DP, along with copy of Client Master of your PL demat account.

This is closure cum transfer process. There won’t be any charges for closure cum transfer


Is there any penalty for non payment of AMC + other DP charges?

Interest @18% p.a. shall be levied on delayed payments. Interest charges are debited to client DP ledger account.


Do I have to pay AMC if my demat account has no holdings?

No,  AMC (Annual Maintanence charges)  are not charged for demat accounts having no holdings.

However, in case of holdings, irrespective of the value, AMC will be charged as per the scheme opted by you.



What are the different schemes available for demat account?

Our officers can share this with you. You can opt for any demat account scheme as mentioned in the DP Tariff at the time of opening of account with PL.

AMC (Annual Maintanence charges)  will be levied as per the demat schemes opted by you.

How can I send request to order Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)?

Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) is sent to you along with the welcome KIT.

To order new DIS, you need to send duly filled and signed (by all the holders) Request letter for Delivery Instruction book