In our January 2021 “year ahead” articles, we had prophesized on two things : 1) 13000 on Nifty, which was the level then, would become a base and not the resistance that everyone feared and that 2) the US Dollar, if it remained weakish to rangebound, would propel markets higher. With 17000 hit on the Nifty, the next question on everyone’s mind – what now! CURRENT SITUATION The correction and subsequent consolidation in the 15000-14200-15700
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Financial freedom is not about getting rich-quick. It’s about taking control of your finances and reducing financial stress from your life.   There is no “one-size fits all” formula to achieve financial freedom. For ease of understanding, lets divide our lives into “Earning Age” and “Retirement Age”. In absence of an adequate social security umbrella, retirement is a more serious problem than most people think. Most of the retiree’s finish off their retirement savings quite
This indicator has remained in focus over the last two weeks – internationally first, due to movements in certain Cryptos and domestically due to the Reliance Industries price movement around 28 June when this signal formed and people started discussing a 10%-15% move ahead. So what is the Golden Cross and what does it portend for the stocks displaying such movements? Identification of Trends The most important aspect in investing is to correctly identify the
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After being a market laggard for more than a decade, steel sector suddenly became one of the hottest sectors on the bourses. And again China has a played a major role in this rally. China and Steel As witnessed, after every recession China is the first one who starts reviving the economy. Similarly this time also, after the COVID breakthrough, China came up with a huge infrastructure stimulus along with their latest policy to discourage
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While managing your money, you often deploy a combination of research, gut, gambling, trust and of course, expertise of others. The end result is often mixed – sometimes fantastic and sometimes downright miserable. What if all this was replaced by a 24 x 7 robot that watches global markets , market volatility and policy trends for you to do your job? That’s essentially what basic Quant Investing can do for you! And at Quantifi, PL’s
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