Prabhudas Lilladher’s Investment Advisory division is now present on smallcase.com, a leading technology platform allowing clients of most Indian brokerage firms to invest in PL Quantifi’s advice.  Combining cutting edge quant research from PL with the technical solidity of smallcase.com, you can now invest in PL Advice irrespective of which broker you hold your brokerage account with! What is Smallcase smallcase Technologies offers a technology platform where orders for varying quantities of multiple stocks in
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No change seen in PL QUANTIFI’S Multi-Asset Dynamic Portfolios between 1st October,2021 and 1st Dec,2021   (Source : Google Finance)  Nifty has now fallen by almost 7% since its highs of 18,600 level around 18th October. Why didn’t PL Quantifi’s Agile Asset Allocator (AAA) or India Millennial Portfolio (IMP) or Wealth for Women(WFW) portfolio trigger a rebalance? Firstly, what are these portfolios ? The 3 portfolios are balanced portfolios investing in multiple assets (Equity, Gold,
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December 1, 2021, will see a major change in how the Indian markets operate , coming on the heels of the changeover to 100% margining system and just prior to the T+1 settlement system.  There are major implications for clients and the broking community at large of such changes. This article presents a brief on the same. Background SEBI has been strengthening the capital market and market intermediary infrastructure and this pace seems to have
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In our January 2021 “year ahead” articles, we had prophesized on two things : 1) 13000 on Nifty, which was the level then, would become a base and not the resistance that everyone feared and that 2) the US Dollar, if it remained weakish to rangebound, would propel markets higher. With 17000 hit on the Nifty, the next question on everyone’s mind – what now! CURRENT SITUATION The correction and subsequent consolidation in the 15000-14200-15700
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Financial freedom is not about getting rich-quick. It’s about taking control of your finances and reducing financial stress from your life.   There is no “one-size fits all” formula to achieve financial freedom. For ease of understanding, lets divide our lives into “Earning Age” and “Retirement Age”. In absence of an adequate social security umbrella, retirement is a more serious problem than most people think. Most of the retiree’s finish off their retirement savings quite

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