Focus Piece
In an earlier blog, we had explained how short strangles work – which attempt to eke out a reasonably interesting annual return. With volatility now having risen substantially, straddles have found popularity as traders bet on large moves in either direction and don’t mind “paying” a premium to participate either side.  Remember straddles are essentially a “Heads I win – Tails I win” strategy-  meaning any direction of move is welcome as long as there
In our previous post, we had written that our short stance on markets at12000 levels may or may not hold at 10000 odd levels. On this satan’s day, Friday the 13th of March, would things turn around? We will hit the circuits most likely and therefore whatever you read ahead is just a small exercise in optimism as it is foolish to attempt to predict that may happen when panic is at extremes – but
Market Outlook
The last one week of market collapses is the fastest fall of 10% or more ever seen. It puts other notorious falls in the market, (the Asian crisis of October 1997, Black Monday in October 1987 and the bursting of the dot-com bubble, in April 2000), in the shade. The US has been where the biggest drops in financial terms have been most eye-popping – and some $6 trillion estimated to have been wiped from
Global Economy
Yesterday, Feb 24 2020, brought US Yields to almost their decadal lows and the US Dollar Index close to a critical benchmark of 100 – even as Gold pushed to multi year highs. Gold has been on a linear rise since last year when we forecast a level of USD 1700 or so (Read https://www.plindia.com/blog/gold-prices-keep-an-eye/). However, the recent rise of the USD – which should be negatively correlated to Gold from a historical perspective –
Focus Piece
Private wealth management firms have been very active since the late 2010s in offering global investing opportunities to their clients – This momentum has now increased thanks to fintech companies who have made even a 1 USD investment possible and the process of investing and monitoring portfolios an extremely easy one! As per media reports, individual Indians have spent over $35 billion overseas via the Reserve Bank of India’s liberalized remittance scheme (LRS) since 2015 and